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Th 2301 Some religious questions, some great questions… Am I loved? Can I love? What do I hope for? Why is life hard? What matters? Am I grateful for anything? Who or what is God? Why? What is real? Am I free? Where is God? Is our friendship over? Am I in control of anything? Why do people suffer? What is fulfilling? Who am I, really? Who are we? Why did she/he die? Why does God hide himself? Why the injustice? When will it stop? Can I trust? Why did he die? Will we be together? What do I do with myself in life? What’s the point? What am I saved from ? What’s wrong with me? What would I bet my life on? Is God on our side or not?
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Unformatted text preview: Who cares? What do I need ? Who needs me? Where is my community? What, if anything, lasts? How can we be reconciled? Am I a good person? Why can’t I succeed at being happy? Am I unique? Is it worth the effort? Is life fair? Joy? Do I have a stake in anything? What’s true? Why is it never enough? Can I go on? Why the evil? Why must I prove myself? What do I commit myself to? Are religious people phony? What’s the bottom line? What’s my bottom line? How do I live a life that makes sense? Why must there be questions? …..What is my foothold in this class?...
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