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buffalo nation essay 1 - A Buffalo Nation Bison...

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A Buffalo Nation: Bison Conservation Since the beginning of Native American existence throughout the Great Plains of North America, the Buffalo has played an enormous role in the culture, spirituality, and day-to-day material life of the Indians. The Indians have always depended on the presence of bison in their homeland as a source of food, shelter, useful tools, and many other things. Not only do they use each part of the felled buffalo in their daily subsistence, they have a close bond with the bison, viewing them as a sort of spiritual guide to survival. (1) Since the arrival of a Euro-American presence in North America, and some say even before, the population of the bison across the Great Plains of what is now the United States, Canada, and even parts of Mexico has declined tremendously over time. Though we can be sure the European influence and the westward movement based on the principle of Manifest Destiny was partly to blame for the destruction of a large portion of the buffalo population, many argue that the decline came about before their appearance. Some say that Indian groups are to blame for the loss of bison in great numbers. This assumption or conclusion if you will is based upon the overkill theory. The proponents of this theory believe that the buffalo populations were destroyed because a lack of a sense of conservation on the part of the tribes at fault. Due to the communal hunting drives executed by the tribes as sort of a cultural ritual to increase camaraderie and provide food for their peoples, bison were thought to be slaughtered in numbers to great to be utilized all at one time by the Indian people. Because too many buffalo were killed,
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their bodies were never used for good and went to waste. Also, these mass hunting
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buffalo nation essay 1 - A Buffalo Nation Bison...

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