Biography of a Runaway Slave

Biography of a Runaway Slave - Brent Freburg L301 Essay...

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Brent Freburg L301 Essay February 4, 2008 Biography of a Runaway Slave: A Depiction of Post-Slavery Latin America The passage I have selected starts on page 99 and goes until page 103. In this excerpt Barnet describes in detail through Montejo the progress and expansion taking place on the sugar plantations after the abolition of slavery. The industrial revolution in the Americas as well as overseas in Europe led to the acquisition of newer, bigger, and better machinery that greatly increased productivity and profit among the plantations in Cuba. Not only is this passage a story of progress, but of the opposite when it came to the rights and standards of living for the workers on the plantations. Though at this point slavery was no more, the social divisions and treatment of the blacks were still substandard and highly evident. Montejo tells us about the unruly actions of the tenant farmers and of how there was animosity even among blacks who worked in different sectors of the sugar producing process. He looks down upon this way of living, asserting that even though slavery is gone, injustice still exists. The effectiveness of this passage in communicating Montejo’s message about the problems and also the successes of this post-slavery society is high. He describes successfully what is wrong with the way things work now that the blacks are free. This is a great summation of what he is trying to convey for most of the second part of the book,
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Biography of a Runaway Slave - Brent Freburg L301 Essay...

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