Astronomy Test 4

Astronomy Test 4 - 1 Drawing shows visible feature of MWG...

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1. Drawing shows visible feature of MWG point 5 is below the galaxy, etc. Where would a supermassive black hole be located? a. Center of the galaxy (6) 2. Hubble Law is: a. V=H0*D 3. We see evidence for spiral structure in our galaxy near the sun in the distribution of a. HII regions and young star clusters 4. What hubble type of galaxies are the most powerful radio sources? a. Radio galaxies 5. What is the mass of the black hole in the nucleus of our galaxy? a. 3 million solar masses 6. Which of the following is a correct sequence in the pattern astronomers use to establish the extragalactic distance scale… a. Extend search calibrate extend search 7. Measuring the parallaxes of nearby stars to determine their distances is what step in the process astronomers use to determine the distance scale of the universe? a. Extend 8. The disk component of our galaxy: a. Is composed of young and moderately old stars 9. What is the most fundamental parameter (. .without if you cant even start to measure distance) needed for determining the distance to the most distant galaxies? a. Astronomical unit 10. Spiral Galaxies. . a. Contain population I and Population II stars and much gas and dust 11. the galactic center a. is invisible at optical wavelengths… 12. observations of apparent and absolute magnitudes of stars in galaxies allowed astronomers to determine their a. distances 13. what rotation curve most closely resembles that of and E0 galaxy that does not have a massive corona? ( DIAGRAM)
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a. c (graph that’s more “square”)
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Astronomy Test 4 - 1 Drawing shows visible feature of MWG...

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