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Researching 101 Tutorial 1. The best way of finding books in any library is by using the library’s catalog. 2. A good resource for locating information on events that happened last week is the Internet. 3. Three features of Minerva are to view library resources, renew borrowed materials, and to find out what books and other materials you have checked out. 4. Three examples that you can use from the drop-down menu in Minerva to limit your searches are Media, Microforms, and Reference. 6. Five good things about keyword searching are you don’t have to remember complete information, you can combine two topics, and you can do really broad searches that look for words in titles, subjects, and authors. Also, if you only have the last names of two
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Unformatted text preview: authors, you can search them without needing to know their first names, and you don’t need to know the subject headings. 7. Two not-so-good things about keyword searching are they can be very slow, and you might get too many search results and lots of them might not be what you really want. 11. The three Boolean operators that the online databases will usually recognize are and, or, not. Or retrieves records that contain either term and they will make your search broader. And retrieves records that contain both terms. And will be used to connect the major concepts from the search strategy, these will narrow the search. Not excludes records from the search....
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