phobialist - Most Common Specific Phobias Agoraphobia Fear...

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Most Common Specific Phobias Agoraphobia Fear of Open Spaces - While there are many definitions under this heading, it is the limitation of leaving certain environments. For some this means being confined to their home and for others it is traveling within a certain miles radius of where they live. When the root cause of this fear is lifted, the comfort zone begins to expand Amaxophobia* Fear of driving or riding in vehicles - the inability of riding or entering an automobile, either as a driver or a passenger. This means avoiding vehicles at any cost. Androphobia Fear of men - The fear of coming in contract with, engaging in activities or becoming intimate with men. Apiphobia* Fear of bees - In extreme cases, just the mention of a bee can trigger an attack. This phobia can often be eliminated quickly Autophobia Fear of being alone - An extremely high need to around others. Staying home alone or having to do activities without companionship will be extremely uncomfortable. Bacteriophobia* Fear of bacteria - any situation or activity where the person believes dirty or unsanitary conditions will exist, triggers extreme nervousness. Often ties in with OCD and washing. Brontophobia Fear of storms - can be limited to fear of thunderstorms, though many suffering from this will also fear rain (Ombrophobia) or even dark clouds and they will anticipate the arrival of storms. Often accompanied with unresolved guilt, trust, or acceptance. Claustrophobia*
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phobialist - Most Common Specific Phobias Agoraphobia Fear...

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