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western civ 2 - The Collapse of the Soviet Empire In 1985...

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Unformatted text preview: The Collapse of the Soviet Empire. In 1985, Gorbachev was elected leader of the USSR. He was a man in his fifties who stressed restructuring and openness nonstop. In the 80’s, the USSR seemed to be at a pretty strong position, and Gorbachev seemed to strengthen them to an even higher point. Things that the Soviet Union lacked were well living standards and technological advances were at an all time low. Ronald Reagan on the other hand had just initiated the new arms race, yet had a weakened agricultural state, which was very much needed during times of war. Gorbachev was faced with rebuilding something that had already been taken down. He had a dream of transforming the Soviet system to what it had claimed to be and what it, in his opinion, was supposed to be. He wanted to bring democracy into the Soviet Union as well as a market economy instead of a planned economy. Well through time, their economy plummeted, along with living conditions and satisfaction by the people. Thus started the Revolution that erupted with renewed vigor in the late 1980’s. This gave free the people....
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