Test #1 Ultimate Review

Test #1 Ultimate Review - Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom...

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Data---Information---Knowledge---Wisdom Data: the big hand is on the 8 Information: It is 10:08 AM Knowledge: I have 2 minutes to get to class Wisdom: What! I thought the exam was on the 4 th ! Claude Shannon o 1 st  level of problems Accurate transmission of symbols (technical) 2 nd  level of problems Precise communication of meaning (semantic) 3 rd  level of problems Effective influence of behavior (behavioral) Transmission of knowledge o Genetics/inheritance o Modeling/mimicry o Accident/adaptation o Teaching/learning o Storage/retrieval What is the Internet? o A global network of networks o A book of IP addresses that tells each computer where all the others are o The protocols (TCP/IP) Domain has 2 parts----www.albany.edu o Host = Albany o Top level domain (TLD) = .edu Packets need: o IP address o Addressee o Something to indicate order o A portion of the message
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Test #1 Ultimate Review - Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom...

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