Final Essay for English2 - Lauren Creech Section 64 Final...

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Lauren Creech Section 64 Final Draft November 16, 2007 Education Comes First Work is part of a person’s life, and learning the value of a dollar is a very important trait to learn. My belief is that every child should learn how to earn, and manage their own money before having to handle it on their own. In Amitai Etzioni’s essay “Working at McDonalds” he argues the topic of teenage children having fast food jobs and jobs while they are in school period. This essay written by, Etzioni, was published in 1986 in the Miami Herald, a major newspaper that circulates in South Florida. His argument is that sometimes having jobs, especially in the fast food industry, really effect a child’s learning and involvement while in school. Are we willing to conflict our own personal values of activities outside of school such as jobs, verses actually getting a proper education? Etzioni is the author of the essay “Working at McDonalds.” His essay argues the topic of teen-age children who have jobs in fast food. Some may say having a job is necessary while going through high school and others may disagree. Some may disagree with those who say that a job is absolutely essential as a child goes through high school, especially a job working in fast food. Etzioni stated in his essay that, “these jobs
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Final Essay for English2 - Lauren Creech Section 64 Final...

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