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Music Therapy Music therapy was discovered in ____ by ____. Used for: Requirements to attain license: Popularity: Countries: Music therapy is a different sort of healing. It is used to help reduce the amount of pain or ache that a patient may be experiencing. It is sometimes used on children with autism, and it is also used on elderly people with a form of dementia. “There are many symptoms that are reduced through music and the facilitation of a music therapist. In cancer patients; the symptoms of nausea, often associated with kemotherapy, have been reduced when people use specific music therapy techniques to focus their
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Unformatted text preview: attentionon the music, rather than whats going on in their bodies. Music therapy can help decrease anxiety, which then affects blood pressuse, heart rate, and can help prepare the person, psychologically and also physically for surgery.” -Dr. Suzanne Hanser, Chair Music Therapy Dept., berklee College of Music The aspect of music, which seems especially crucial is rhythm And people with Parkinsons, due to damage in peticular part of their brain, have difficulty generating sequences;generating rhythm. Music gives them time sequence rhythm. Gives them tempo, gives them back their own tempo....
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