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Homework Ch.1 - Critical Thinking Question(2 points 6 How...

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Chapter 1 Review Questions (1 point each) _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 1. What sources of current weather information are available to the public? 2. Distinguish between the weather that usually accompanies a high (anticyclone) and a low (cyclone). 3. What determines the temperature and humidity characteristics of an air mass? 4. Compare the cloudiness and precipitation pattern usually associated with a warm front with that associated with a cold front. 5. Compare fog to other types of clouds.
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Unformatted text preview: Critical Thinking Question (2 points) _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 6. How and why have technological advances of the 20 th century improved weather observation and forecasting? Investigation (3 points) _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 7. Write down your answers for Questions 1 to 8 on Page 1A-2 and Page 1A-3 of the Weather Studies, Investigation Manual ....
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