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105RadioHistoryHighlights - 1 Satellite radio is one of the...

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1. Satellite radio is one of the fastest- growing media technologies ever, and radio continues to be an important source of entertainment and news for people throughout the world. 2. The possibility of radio was discovered and developed by scientists who were studying properties of the electromagnetic spectrum. 3. During radio’s early development, it could not carry the human voice. It was a form of wireless telegraphy that used Morse code. The first wireless voice transmission was in 1906. 4. The vacuum tube was the basic component of all early radios, and the ancestor of the transistor, integrated circuit and computer chip.
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5. By World War I, wireless telegraphy was considered so important that it was taken over by the U.S. Navy for military reasons. 6. Toll broadcasting was one possible source of radio funding before advertising was established itself as the industry model. 7. Radio networks helped create a national identity by providing the same programming to the entire country at the same time. 8. The program formats we see on television today were invented for radio. 9. Spectrum scarcity required that there be order in the radio industry. The Radio act of 1912 required ships at sea to leave their radios on 24 hours a day
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