ch.5 notes - Chapter Five-At the end of WWII public...

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Chapter Five -At the end of WWII public officials and scientists predicted that by the end of the century all poverty, famine, and endemic hunger would end in the world. -New global institutions were formed such as the United Nations and the World Bank. -Impoverished countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America tried to follow paths of economic development. -Today: -1.2 Billion people live on less than one dollar per day. -3 billion live on less than two dollars per day. -800 million+ live on insufficient food supplies. -1,500 children die per hour because of insufficient diets. -31 million Americans live in households that are insecure. -World Hunger is not a result of insufficient food production. -There is enough food to feed 120% of the world population. -Famine is not the most common reason for hunger. Daily insufficiencies in food are far more common. -Famine itself is rarely caused by food insufficiency. Hundreds of thousands starved to death in Bangladesh in 1974, it was not because of the lack of food. - Starvation was due to massive unemployment brought on by flooded farmland and high food prices brought on by a fear of food shortages. -Hunger is not caused by overpopulation. -Until recently in the world virtually everyone lived on farms, grew their own food. -Industrial Revolution changed this.
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ch.5 notes - Chapter Five-At the end of WWII public...

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