Final exam Geography Review

Final exam Geography Review - Geography Review Chapter 9...

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Geography Review Chapter 9 Confederation- 354-a group of states united for a common purpose Decolonization-360- the reaquisition by colonized peoples of control over their own territory --ex Revolutionary War in US -20 th century decolonization of Africa Domino theory-365-if one country in a region chose or was forced to accept a communist political and economic system, neighboring colonies would fall to communism as well, just as one falling domino in a line of dominos causes all the others to fass - first took hold in 1947 when postwar us feared communism would spread from Greece to Turkey to W. Europe. In culminated in US wars in Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and El Salvador—preventing it was usually based on military aggression- however, cooperation was also emphasized in the establishment of NATO which had the purpose of safeguarding the West against Soviet aggression East/West divide- 363-refers to the gulf between communist and non communist countries - Cuba –cuban missile crisis/ US cant trade w/ cuba Geopolitics-344- state’s power to control space or territory and shape the foreign policy of individual states and international political relations Gerrymandering-387-the practice of redistricting for partisan purposes; boundaries are redrawn to advantage a particular political party or candidate or to prevent or ensure a loss of power to a particular subpopulation Human rights-378- considered by most societies to automatically belong to all people, includes rights to justice, freedom, and equality International organization-360- one that includes two or more states seeking political and/ or economic cooperation with each other Intifada-382- rebellion of Palestinian against Israeli’s; reaction of over 3 decades of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian homeland and increasing Israeli settlement particularly in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip Nation-349- a group of people sharing certain elements of culture, such as religion, language, history, or political identity. Members recognize a common identity, but they need not reside in a common geographical area—Ex. Jewish Nation Nation-state-349- a homogeneous group of people governed by their own state
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Final exam Geography Review - Geography Review Chapter 9...

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