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Spring 1998 - Ramanathan's Class - Exam 2

Spring 1998 - Ramanathan's Class - Exam 2 - Econ 120C...

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Econ 120C Ramu Ramanathan Spring 1998 Exam #2 (30%) Your name (please print it) ___________________________________ Your Student Id. (NOT Soc. Sec. no.)____________________________ DO NOT TURN THE PAGE UNTIL EVERYONE HAS RECEIVED THE EXAM AND YOU ARE GIVEN THE SIGNAL TO START. ALSO, YOU MUST STOP WRITING WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO (YOU WILL BE GIVEN A 2 MINUTE WARNING). TEN POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR EACH MINUTE OF EXTRA TIME IT TAKES YOU TO STOP WRITING. If you use a pencil, you forfeit the right to complain about grading UNLESS YOU PICK UP THE EXAM FROM THE TA FROM HIS/HER OFFICE AND LOOK AT THE GRADING BEFORE LEAVING THE OFFICE. Make sure that all pages (1 through 5) are there. Read the questions carefully and make sure that you do not misunderstand them. If you get stuck somewhere, don’t waste time but move on. I CONSIDER CHEATING AS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER AND WILL GIVE AN F IN THE COURSE TO ANY ONE CHEATING AND ALSO REFER HIM/HER TO THE DEAN FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTION. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF POINTS = 40 + 30 = 70
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- 2 - I. Consider the following model of bus travel. BUSTRAVL t = β 1 + β 2 FARE t + β 3 INCOME t + β 4 POP t + β 5 DENSITY + u t where BUSTRAVL = Demand for urban transportation by bus in thousands of passenger hours,
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