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Exam Two Study Guide Introduction to Sociology Spring 2008 Chapter 4 Socialization, self, looking-glass self, role-taking, symbols, Mead’s stages of development,  generalized other, particular others (significant other in class notes), rites of passage,  resocialization, agents of socialization, formal and informal agents, gender socialization, negative  and positive sanctions Chapter 5 Social network, social interaction, four categories of personal/public space, ethnomethodology,  dramaturgy, impression management, social status, ascribed and achieved status, master status, 
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Unformatted text preview: roles, role strain, and role conflict, groups, primary and secondary groups, reference group, in-group and out-group, rationality, formal organizations, bureaucracies, four types of organizations, iron law of oligarchy Chapter 6 Stigma, deviance, crime, John Hagan’s typology of crime and deviance, four factors of social control theory, differential association theory, labeling theory, primary and secondary deviance, Merton’s strain theory, and feminist theory applied to deviance and crime...
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