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Exam One Study Guide Introduction to Sociology Spring 2008 Chapter One Small group, sociological imagination, social units, socialization, stratification, advantages of micro/meso/macro perspectives, Chapter Two Role of religion prior to 19 th century, scientific evidence, assumptions of scientific approach, theories, hypotheses, deductive and inductive reasoning, operationalization, variables, independent and dependent variable, participant observation, field work, survey research, experiments, triangulation, functionalism, interactionism, conflict
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Unformatted text preview: theory, feminist theory, critical race theory. Chapter Thee Society, Culture, subculture, microculture, counterculture, folkways, values, sanctions, beliefs, mechanic and organic solidarity Chapter Four Social self, role-taking, being able to understand the different levels in understanding socialization (micro/meso/macro), understand socialization from the different schools of thought, looking glass self, Mead stage theory, Piaget stage theory, Barry Thorne’s study...
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