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Mallory Brooks Keeper ‘n Me Richard Wagamese Throughout the time I spent reading Keeper ‘n Me, I continuously found ways that I related to, both, Keeper and Garnet. By having two main voices, I found that the story told was deeper than just having one perspective and provided enough information to clearly understand the full story. I personally enjoy books that I can relate to and connect to in some way. By being able to relate, I find that many times I am able to learn more about myself through another person’s story, fiction or nonfiction. This was a great book and I have decided that I would rather hold onto it than get the cash back at the end of this semester! Every theme and issue is interconnected, creating the book to be its’ own circle; throughout the book there is much talk about how life is a circle and you will always continue to learn and grow. Not only life is a circle, but nature, community, and many ceremonial traditions. The Medicine Wheel is a part of most tribes, whether or not the animals, or colors, are different, and the sacredness remains the same. It represents life in the form of a circle, showing that you always be moving around it and never ending in one place. The four directions, North, East, West and South represent certain values, have an appointed animal, color and element. North is the place of Wisdom, giving back to others and the earth; it is the place of the wounded healer. Typically, the buffalo will be the animal, the color white and the element Air. This combination of white and buffalo represents the sacredness of the White Buffalo. South is the place of trust, and realization; usually depicted as a mouse or coyote, it is the color green or red, and Earth is the element. East
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is the place of the bigger picture and illumination, yellow is usually the color and an eagle is the animal, Water is the element. The East is the place of the bear most often, it is looking within oneself, and learning to use introspection, blue or black are the colors of the East, and the element is Water. There are 32 stones in the medicine wheel, and the
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keeper n me - Mallory Brooks Keeper ,n Me Richard Wagamese...

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