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invis man close read - The Unbearable Weight of...

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The Unbearable Weight of Expectations: The Invisible Man’s Desire to Satisfy Those around Him In Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, we are introduced to a man with no background, seemingly no place in society, and most of all no personal identity. Invisible undergoes an invariable struggle to please those around him, in hopes of garnering the accolades of others and perhaps increasing his own self-worth. When Invisible joins the Brotherhood, he feels a bit disheveled from the beginning of his relationship with the strange Brother Jack and his eccentric mistress, Emma. Alas, Invisible has his own reasons for joining the Brotherhood, and through the close reading of his relations with Brother Jack we can begin to see Invisible’s true motivations, as well as the unbearable weight of expectations that he places upon himself. In their initial meeting with Invisible, Emma says to Brother Jack, just loud enough for everyone to hear, “But don’t you think he should be a little blacker?” (pg. 303) It becomes apparent to Invisible that the Brotherhood’s ideals are not exactly pristine, and he senses a shade
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invis man close read - The Unbearable Weight of...

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