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HE111.1031 LT Feliz Big Brother: Role Model or Bully? Brotherhood: it is a bond that lasts a lifetime; many people know the feeling and all know the implications of love, respect, familiarity that come with it. There are many types of brothers, some are bullies and some are role models; some are followers and some are leaders. But what makes a good brother, and what must he be responsible for? As an older brother, I have asked myself these same questions time and again. This is mostly because of the fact that now I am so far away from him, and I reflect on what I did right and what I could have done better. An analytical approach to William Faulkner’s Two Soldiers shows that Pete, the older brother, was an ideal brother. Pete was an excellent role model because he reached out, he understood his brother, and he was a compassionate individual; this closeness yielded such a fierce loyalty that Pete’s brother was driven to accomplish an amazing feat for such a young person. Sometimes all a person needs is a little bit of respect, and sometimes a whole lot more. In this case, it is apparent from the beginning of the short story that Pete’s little brother absolutely adored him. Pete’s brother possibly respects Pete even more than his own father: “He never got behind like pap, let alone stayed behind…Pete had them ten acres all sowed to vetch,” (p.82). He asked Pete question after question about the war and location of the Pacific Ocean, and also when they were in their room at night. He doesn’t exactly idolize him, as they talked on the same level. This is how Pete reached out to his brother; one does not realize when they are first reading the story that there is a 6-8 year age gap between these two
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brother - HE111.1031 LT Feliz Big Brother: Role Model or...

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