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Michael Slagh Research Paper Outline 1922 Five Power Treaty Background Information 1. The U.S. sought a new postwar balance of power in the Middle East … Whereas the end of the war saw decreased American interest and influence in Europe, after the Armistice the United States found itself the leading Western power in the Far East. 1 2. Disposing of Germany’s Pacific empire was a major source of friction. Britain secretly agreed in 1917 to support Japan’s claims to German islands north of the equator in return for Japanese support of the British empire’s acquisition of Germany’s much smaller south Pacific holdings. 2 3. British Prime Minister David Lloyd George took up this idea and suggested an international naval conference … Establishing an American negotiating position prior to the Washington conference was the source of great anguish within the Navy. 3 Purposes of the Treaty 1. President Harding: “This conference, has wrought a truly great achievement. It is hazardous sometimes to speak in superlatives, and I will be restrained. But I will say with every confidence the faith plighted here today, kept in national honor, will mark the beginning of a new and better epoch in human progress” 4 2. Excerpts of the official summary: “Competitive armament, however, is the result of a state of mind in which a national expectation of attack by some other country causes preparation to meet the attack.” 5 3. Agreement to scrap a large number of battleships and battlecruisers already in
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washconfOutline - Michael Slagh Research Paper Outline 1922...

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