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sources 2 - President Harding's preliminary invitations to...

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President Harding’s preliminary invitations to a conference on arms limitations and Pacific questions were the most public recognition yet to come from the United States that its naval building was tied to the nation’s diplomacy in the pacific. 1 The invitation to discuss Pacific and Far Eastern questions, however, came as an unpleasant jolt to the Japanese. Yet Japan could ill afford to draw upon herself the odium of world public opinion by remaining away from the Far East discussions. 2 Five general precepts to guide the board: that the united states would agree to no limitations on its sovereignty, that it would defend the Monroe doctrine, that it would maintain sufficient force to keep the seas open to American commerce, that it would permit no threat to its territory, and that it would uphold its policies and the rights of its citizens wherever they may be jeopardized. 3 The policy of the United States toward China in the 1920’s had three characteristics: it was designed to serve the American business community, it was a policy of friendship,
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