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Michael Slagh 1922 Five Power Treaty 1. Primary There were specific limits placed on ship-building capacities for the each of the 5 nations. “The total capital ship replacement tonnage of each of the Contracting Powers shall not exceed in standard displacement, for the United States 525,000 tons (533,400 metric tons); for the British Empire 525,000 tons (533,400 metric tons); for France 175,000 tons (177,800 metric tons); for Italy 175,000 tons (177,800 metric tons); for Japan 315,000 tons (320,040 metric tons).” 1 2. Secondary President Harding had faith in the long-lasting effects of the treaty.
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Unformatted text preview: This conference, has wrought a truly great achievement. It is hazardous sometimes to speak in superlatives, and I will be restrained. But I will say with every confidence the faith plighted here today, kept in national honor, will mark the beginning of a new and better epoch in human progress 2 1 Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States: 1922, Vol. 1, pp. 250. 2 The Future of the Washington Conference Treaties, by Arthur N. Holcombe. The American Political Science Review 1932, Vol. XXVI pp. 439...
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