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Quiz #1 [30 points] 1. Identify three assumptions implicit in the cause and effect assumption. [3 points] 1. The world is orderly 2. All natural phenomena have natural causes 3. We can discern the order 2. Identify the four desiderata for a science of politics. [4 points] 1. Explain, predict, understand 2. Theory-oriented, theory-directed 3. Use the methods of science 4. Ask Nature if the hypothesis is true 3. Scientific Method a. Identify the basic steps – in temporal order – of the scientific method. [5 points] 1. Observation 2. Hypothesis 3. Experiment 4. Law 5. Theory b. What are the supposed advantages of following the scientific method? [2 points] Unprejudiced – conclusions hold without regard to who does the research A theory is accepted not based on the prestige or convincing powers of the proponent, but on the results obtained through observations and/or experiments 4. Realism and relativism. a. To what aspects of the scientific method do realism and relativism refer? [2 points] It is about the relationship between observation and theory
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