pls guiz 4 - aPb bPa or alb) c. Transitivity The guarantee...

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Michael Slagh Section 7 10/11/03 PLS200 Quiz #4 1. Ockham’s Razor is the idea that we always try the simplest explanation or solution  first. It implies that the theories we use in science are simple. 2. Four desiderata of science of politics: a. Science is theory-oriented b. Uses a scientific method c. The goals are to explain, predict, and understand d. Nature tells us laws are true 3. A paradigm is the prevailing pattern of thought within a discipline or part of a  discipline. The dominant paradigm in political science deals with 4. Covering Law explanation is explanation as a deductive argument. Deductive  arguments are demonstrative and non-ampliative.  5.  a. Binary – Comparing two things at a time b. Connectedness – Alternatives can be compared by a rational individual (either 
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Unformatted text preview: aPb bPa or alb) c. Transitivity The guarantee that a person will be able to order things from most preferred to least preferred. d. Non perversity We assume that the preferred choice is chosen e. Choice Set Group of alternatives undominated by any other alternatives; constructed by binary ranking; all of equal rank (if more than one) 6. Utility is the overall measure of happiness or usefulness to a user. It is important because it allows us to evaluate outcomes that include non-monetary rewards and to deal with paradoxical behavior. 7. Two or more outcomes of an alternative is called uncertainty. 8....
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pls guiz 4 - aPb bPa or alb) c. Transitivity The guarantee...

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