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PLS 200 Prof. Charles W. Ostrom, Jr. INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE 310 South Kedzie Hall MW 8:30-9:50pm 355-6602 FALL TERM 2003 Office Hours: 10:00 am-11:00 am MW 102 Conrad or by appointment e-mail : [email protected] INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE: THE SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF POLITICS Course Topics. The course is designed to introduce each student to the scientific study of politics with special emphasis given to the scientific method, rational choice theory and, and formal models. Taking an inter-disciplinary perspective, the course will be organized into the following three sections: 1. The Scientific Method – A Wide View 2. Rational Choice Theory and Models 3. Using Rational Choice Theory to Understand Politics Required Texts. The following paperback books are required and are available at local bookstores: Axelrod, The Evolution of Cooperation Poundstone, Prisoner’s Dilemma PLS 200 Course Pack – Available at Ned’s Bookstore Course Web Site. An important resource is the course web site: At the URL you will asked to log in with your MSU name and password. Please let me know if you have any problems. The web site contains the following “hot buttons”: Announcements – Check this regularly for general information as well as instructions on how to access upcoming assignments Course Information — Contains the same information as the syllabus handed out in class. Staff Information – Contains information on office hours, phone numbers, and e-mail. Course Documents —You will find copies of all lecture outlines for the course. You may download the lecture outlines for each lecture. I encourage you to download the relevant outlines prior to each class. The purpose of the outlines is to organize your note taking. There are blank spaces in each lecture outline that are to be filled in by each student during the lecture. The parts of the lecture outline that have been omitted are the things that are most important to your understanding. Assignments –
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