Ch. 8 & 9 Review

Ch. 8 & 9 Review - HHP 1735 Introduction to Physical...

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HHP 1735 Danny Strus Introduction to Physical Education 1. Define what a sociologist does when engaged in studying Physical Education, Exercise Science or sport? (Pg. 290-295) They look at the sport or physical activity at hand and determine many underlying factors that we associate with the sport. How does the sport affect the players character, does the sport help prepare him for life after school, etc. A Sports Sociologist also looks at what other affects sports may play on an athletes daily life; religion, social behavior and any social disorders. 2. What are some of the popular arguments “For” and “Against” sports in the high school years? (Pg. 297- 302) A GAINST : Sports educational worth has been a main concern to many people. It has been said that we as a nation put to much emphasis on sports during school, and not enough on education. There is more praise on athletes who do well in a sport than that of students who excel academically. F OR : It is argued that sports in school help prepare the athlete for life outside of school; they help build an athletes character, ability to work as a team, competitiveness (In today’s work-place is very important) and ability to set and accomplish goals. 3.
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Ch. 8 & 9 Review - HHP 1735 Introduction to Physical...

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