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write a one page essay that provides a reasoned criticism of rational choice theory. Apply the criticism to your expected value model from Writing Assignment #2. Conclude by commenting on the pros and cons of using rational choice as a theory in political science Rational Choice is the dominant paradigm of thought in the field of political science. It is widely accepted and provides simple rules about how we process and give preference to incoming information everyday, if not every single time we make a decision between two or more alternatives. There are both pros and cons to working within this paradigm, which would be beneficial to look at if considering whether or not the idea of rational choice really is a valid way to make decisions. The biggest criticism of rational choice is that it assumes many lofty assumptions such as that we will always know every consequence for the given alternative or that we can derive some sort of probability of an outcome in a condition. In the situation of the student deciding in his/her 2
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