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Unformatted text preview: Honors Section Assignment – Fall 2003 1. Assignment You are to write a 15-page paper using the material covered in the course to analyze a situation evidencing a collective action problem. The paper is due on Monday, December 1, 2003 during the section meeting. I will deduct one-third of a grade for each day the paper is late. The paper will count for 25% of your final grade. 2. Purpose The paper is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your facility with models from the second section of the course by using them to generate new insights about a particular collective action problem. You have considerable latitude in how you approach this assignment. However, you should note that the purpose of the assignment is not to develop a new model, but to apply an existing model (Senge, expected value, rational choice) to a new context that intrigues you. Your goal is to take a situation, determine what model is relevant, use it to analyze the situation, and articulate the interesting and important findings of your...
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