MA206 Project 2(Melendez)

MA206 Project 2(Melendez) - MA206 Project # 2 "Bombs Away!"...

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Administrative Details: 1. This project is to be worked in pre-assigned teams of 2 cadets and is worth 100 points. 2. Your project is due no later than 1600 on Lesson 28. (Friday, 7 April) 3. Your project write up should consist of no more than five pages (typed, double spaced, not including title page, executive summary, appendices, or documentation) describing methods and results. You must submit your project in a “brown bomber” with nametapes for each group member. 4. In order to complete your submission, you must also email me your Excel model building prior to the project due date. Name your file as follows: LASTNAME_SECTION_MA206_PROJ#2 . I will only look at this file in the event that I cannot comprehend what you submit or your numerical answers submitted are incorrect. DO NOT write “see Excel file”, or leave it up to me to find your work in Excel. Everything you want me to see/read should be incorporated into your written report. 5. I will not grade your project unless your Excel simulation is working without error. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your simulation approved ASAP. 6. You are required to document any assistance that you receive (outside of your assigned group) in accordance with Documentation of Written Work, August 2005. You may lose points for excessive collaboration. 7. Show your work and explain your answers. Your analysis should be sufficiently detailed, yet clear and concise. Choose your words carefully! Background: The United States and coalition forces have expended an extensive amount of munitions fighting the Global War on Terrorism. In fact, the mounting economic cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is a hot topic in the public eye. In an effort to optimize its budget usage, the Air
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MA206 Project 2(Melendez) - MA206 Project # 2 "Bombs Away!"...

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