cuento hispanico

cuento hispanico - -sexism dude is too good for her and...

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El Loco De Sevilla -Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra from Spain -about the crazy dude who tries to escape the sanitarium -madness vs sanity -main character: el licenciado Apocalipsis -Marco Denevi -effects of technology on modern humanity, (think about the end of humans b/c machines are taking over) -from argentina -main character: none El arbol de oro -Ana Maria Matute -from Spain (post civil war) -main character: Ivo -claims he can see a golden tree through a crack in the wall (there is a light at the end of the tunnel, hope in a post civil war era) Rafael -ana maria Matute -from spain -main character: Rafael -gets sent away to the mountains b/c he’s retarded, not real sure of the point of this story El Sur -Borges -about the gauchos of argentina, and about their honorable lives and how they live -the pride of the past, and globalization of the current world -Gaucho: Martin Fierro -Dahlmann: sticks up for the gaucho and is a good guy La Indifferencia de Eva -Soledad Puertolas -Spain -won Premio Sesamo 1979, and awarded Planeta prize in 1989
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Unformatted text preview: -sexism, dude is too good for her and then the tables turn -happening during the time of sexual revolution-main character: Eva El Recado-Elena Poniatowska-mexican writer, but born of Mexican and French parents-Main character: Martin, guy who isn’t there who the girl is in love with : psycho chic who tries to leave a message at the house, but the sun goes down, so she doesn’t El ahogado mas hermoso del mundo-Gabriel Garcia marquez-from Colombia-Main character: Esteban, the floater that girls wanted to bone and thought was really hot and perfect and the floater that guys hated b/c all the girls like a dead dude more than them. eventually the town put him back out to sea La Situation de Torna delicada-Nicanor Parra-Chile-nostalgic poem wanting the world to return to its natural state rather than this technological word Business Administration-Enersto Gutierrez Granada-nicaragua -satire about the workplace and the twentieth century in general...
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cuento hispanico - -sexism dude is too good for her and...

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