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Comm-122 Informative speech outline

Comm-122 Informative speech outline - Preparation Outline...

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Preparation Outline Title: College Hazing General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform what college hazing is and how it is done to students throughout the US. Thesis Statement: College hazing is a ritual of acceptance performed by students in some schools who join fraternities and sororities as well as sports teams as a form of initiation. Organizational Pattern: Topical Introduction: I. Attention Getter: becoming a new member of a team or club is always awkward at first as a “rookie” but in most cases when you join something in college that feeling of being the new member is emphasized, immensely. II. Reveal Topic of Speech: Hazing is the biggest part of your first time joining a sports team, fraternity or sorority. III. Your Credibility: Personal story from family member who was hazed in college for their fraternity and football team. IV. Preview of main points: What Hazing is, the history behind it, and how it is performed in schools.
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