Sextus Empiricus

Sextus Empiricus - Sextus Empiricus firmly believed in...

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Sextus Empiricus firmly believed in skepticism when it came to learning . He said that no one should ever accept something as wholly truthful or entirely falsified . His findings also told the individual to hold their findings in life as true, no matter what the external belief of that finding is . What Empiricus is most well-known for is his Ten Modes of Skepticism . What Empiricus found was that just because the majority of society will define an object or occurrence as false, doesn’t mean it entirely or at all false . Empiricus wanted the people that read his work to question the foundations of knowledge . In our society, it’s widely accepted that aliens do not exist . Empiricus wants us to challenge that belief . What if they really do exist ? We will never have the guts to say that aliens exist if we don’t challenge the foundation of that belief . The Ten modes of Skepticism are a large factor in each and every day’s new discoveries, whether we choose to believe so or not . I believe that Empiricus’ theories definitely help us understand our surroundings more effectively. To understand what I’m talking about, the Ten Modes of Skepticism must be explained . The first mode talks about the varying types of animals (Pojman, 46). Simply put, this means that each living being has unique feelings and perceptions . The second mode mentions the differences in human beings (Pojman, 46). Obviously humans are all physically different as well as mentally, so we all perceive our surroundings differently as well . The third mode of skepticism discusses how each sensory organ is different (Pojman, 46) . Each sense perceives an object in a separate way that the other wouldn’t
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Sextus Empiricus - Sextus Empiricus firmly believed in...

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