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Automating the Night Manager’s Report to Housekeeping The night manager’s report is the tool that executive housekeepers use to apportion the rooms to the appropriate GRAs. Your task is to build this report as if you received it from your night manager. You may be called on to help your Night Manager automate the report for your hotel. Set this chart up according to the number of rooms in your hotel. Your room numbering scheme will depend upon the number of rooms and the number of floors in your hotel. The chart from the textbook looks like this: .
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1. Notice the listing of rooms at the top of the chart. The number of rooms will be different in your hotel, but the procedures are the same. To automate this chart, open the Excel file for your hotel and insert a new sheet if you need one. 2. Begin by setting up the spreadsheet according to the number of rooms you will need to display for your hotel’s rooms. In the next example you will see that I only used two room set columns for demonstration purposes.
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