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OB Test 2 Study Guide

OB Test 2 Study Guide - OB Test 2 Study Guide...

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Visible Invisible Artifacts Stated Values Assumptions (Deep) Easier to Harder to OB Test 2 Study Guide Organizational Culture (11) o Df: like the “personality” pattern of shared assumptions (in the minds of the employees) about how the world works and how the organization fits into that view. o General (4) Layers of Organizational Culture Layer 1: Artifacts actual representations of the assumptions… tangible things you can see, touch, feel, hear. o Stories Told o Physical Structures sends messages based on newness, etc. Office Buildings Building Layouts Physical appearance of employees (dress, etc.) o Rituals/Ceremonies o Language Acronyms, internal programs, etc. Layer 2: Stated/espoused values what org says about itself; mission/values CSR (corporate social responsibility) Statement o May or may not be what is actually going on in the org Layer 3: Assumptions Theories about Reality & Relationships o Harder to realize (have to work there a while to see them) o Often reflected in layers one and two Iceberg Analogy Most of work culture is unseen 1
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Subcultures Shared attributes on the organizational level but subtle differences within the organization. o Socialization/Transmitting Culture (7) Status Quo : transmit current culture Change : Transmit new culture Includes types of Socialization Stages that Overlap the above Anticipatory Socialization Before the start of work Accommodative Socialization
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OB Test 2 Study Guide - OB Test 2 Study Guide...

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