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test 1 study guide - Inclusion of the Gentiles (1st...

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Inclusion of the Gentiles (1 st Century) 1. How are Acts and the Gospel of Luke related? They form a narrative of fulfillment. 2. In what ways is Acts a succession narrative? It follows the life of a founder (Jesus) and presents the narrative of a single philosophical school (Christianity). 3. How does Acts represent the mission of the Church? What does this understanding of its mission reveal about God? Will this mission ever fail? Why/why not? - Acts chronicles the fulfillment of the Church’s mission (extension of Abraham’s blessings to all nations) - Cannot fail because it is an act of God 4. When does the Christian movement begin according to Acts? What is significant about the time when it begins? What were the signs that accompanied the beginning of the Christian mission? What is the significance of these signs? - Begins during Pentecost (festival assoc. w/ giving of the Mosaic Covenant) - People gathered together, sound & fire, speaking in foreign tongues - New Covenant is made and people are empowered by the Spirit 5. Why is each episode of the extension of the gospel to the Gentiles followed by an episode of Jerusalem’s approval? 6. What were the two issues that gave rise to the Jerusalem Council? What were the various responses to these issues? What did the council come to affirm and why? - #1: Can Gentiles be saved? (must they become Jewish before they can become Christian?) - Yes they can be saved but they must first become Jews according to Scripture - Peter, Paul, Barnabas: God gave the Gentiles the Spirit & thus they are God’s people too; salvation comes by grace not by circumcision or ritual - In Acts, God’s people are those who believe in the Gospel - Ephesians presents notion of Christians as a “new race” neither Jew nor Gentile
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test 1 study guide - Inclusion of the Gentiles (1st...

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