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Chapter 15 - • indefinite (talking about something that...

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Chapter 15 Subjunctive after nonexistent or indefinite antecedents an antecedent is a noun or pronoun modified by a subordinate clause I have a car that gets good mileage . Do you sell cars that get good mileage ? Use indicative in subordinate clause when the antecedent is existent (talking about a specific thing/person known to exist) definite (talking about something that is real, fact) Use subjunctive in subordinate clause when the antecedent is nonexistent (talking about a general thing/preson which may or may not exist)
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Unformatted text preview: • indefinite (talking about something that may not be real or true) NONEXISTENT Busco un señor que hable francés. I’m looking for a man who speaks French. EXISTENT Busco al señor que habla francés. I’m looking for the man who speaks French. INDEFINITE Hay algo aquí que te guste ? Is there anything here that you like? DEFINITE Sí, hay varias cosas que me gustan . Yes, there are several things that I like....
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