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business communication and etiquette

business communication and etiquette - Course Business...

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Course : Business Communication & Etiquette Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2016 Examination ANSWER -1 These are some tips for Mr. Yovanna , which are to be kept in mind to draft any business documents these are as follows :- 1) Investment Information:- i) If any sales of stocks or financial services must follow particular laws written to protect investors. ii)Any messages including letters, newsletters, pamphlets – must be free from misleading information. 2) Safety Information:- i) He should describing potentially dangerous products worry not only from physical harm but also being sued. ii) Warn about risk in their product. iii) Clearly written messages use easy to understand word. 3) Marketing Information :- Sales and advertising messages should clearly and correctly advertise prices, quality, performance, capabilities or other products characteristics.
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4) Human resources information :- He should assessing employees in workplace , avoid making unsupported negative comments. To be safe, give
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