Pan Africanism and Black Nationalism

Pan Africanism and Black Nationalism - PAN-AFRICANISM New...

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October 25, 2007 PAN-AFRICANISM New world ideology o Slaves desired to reunite with loved ones o Common experience of oppression Unity of people of African descent o Cultural meaning o Soyinka was against---beyond saline consciousness o Wherever African people are Political unity of the continent o Decolonization period BLACK NATIONALISM Cultural Decolonization Return to Africa/Separate State CLASSICAL BLACK NATIONALISM Wilson Jeremiah Moses o Territory (Black controlled state) o 1850-Fugitive Slave Act Blacks must prove they are not slaves Negative affect on hopes of assimilation o 1925-Marus Garvey Greatest mass appeal Back to Africa PRE 1817(ACS) REPATRIATION EFFORTS 1773—Boston Slaves petition for emancipation 1783—Pro-British blacks evacuate to England/Nova Scotia o Revolutionary war 1787—British “black poor” emigrate to Sierra Leone 1787—Black Boston masons petition for resettlement in Africa 1815--Paul Cuffe sends 88 ex-slaves to Sierra Leone COMMON ELEMENTS OF CLASSICAL BLACK NATIONALISM Membership in race= National ID Common destiny/chosen people ideology o A god directed movement
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o Ethiopianism (Psalm 63:31) “Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands to God.” Individual also responsible for this collective destiny Western ideas of progress and civilization o Imitate western institutions o Related to Egypt/Ethiopia not sub-Saharan Africa o Colonization of Africa would prove capability of self- government leading to the abolition of slavery Blacks wanted to prove to whites that they were capable of ruling themselves so they tried to prove it to the whites— opposite of the civilizing movement. November 1
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Pan Africanism and Black Nationalism - PAN-AFRICANISM New...

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