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1) Realism 2) Liberalism 3) Marxism 4) Constructionism Liberalism Anarchy, but cooperation Lack of unique authority More actors than nation states - NGOS - MNC Progressive outlook Trade Democracy-> Democratic peace Wilson- League of Nations Institution = order anarchy Believe in a better human nature Referred him to idealism This week: Using Bomb 1) End the war as soon as possible 2) To save American lives 3) Scare the Soviet Union 4) Prevent soviet influence in Asia
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Demonstrate power Coar Alperovitz (Bb) NEED TO KNOW What caused the Cold War (causes) 1) International contex-WW2 -> changes -> race for influence-Soviet Union& U.S. ->max power 2) National contex- Security concerns- Economics- Ideologies- Personalities- Political parties, Congress 3) Role of individuals- Personalities (Truman & Stalin)- Political ambitions- Stylist diplomacy- Perceptions...
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