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Argumentation 1. What is the USA Today editorial board’s position on later high school start times? The editorial board believes that the start time for high school classes should be later. 2. For whom does the traditional schedule work well? For whom does it not, and why? The traditional schedule works really well for sport coaches, employers, and parents who want to see their children get on the bus of take them to school on their way to work. The traditional schedule doesn’t work the greatest for the students because in the teenage years the brain
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Unformatted text preview: changes and causes teenagers to stay up later. Also, teenagers need more sleep than other age groups of people so getting up early for school isn’t the best for their development. 3. Why do the editors specifically refer to sleep researchers at Brown University and the University of Minnesota? I think that the editors specifically mention the research done at Brown University and the University of Minnesota because they are both well-known schools. Also, I think that maybe the researchers at those two universities have been studying sleep patterns which makes them more creditable....
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