Causal Analysis or Cause and Effect

Causal Analysis or Cause and Effect - people He uses it to...

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Causal Analysis or Cause and Effect “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” 7. Why does Braaksma mention that his lessons are “tinged with sense of guilt’? The lessons Braaksma learned were “tinged with sense of guilt” because he took for granted the opportunity he has had to gain a higher education. He has seen what life is like without a college degree and never wants to be there, yet he doesn’t want to work his hardest at school so he feels a little guilty. 8. What does the use of dialogue in paragraph 6 add to this essay? Braaksma uses dialogue in paragraph 6 to emphasis that the factory workers are real working
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Unformatted text preview: people. He uses it to show that the factory workers or at least one knows that working at a factory isnt what anyone wants to do all his life. 9. Evaluate Braaksmas conclusion. Why does he refer to his French-lit class? The conclusion states the way college student, most college students really live. It wraps up the ends and leaves the reader with a feeling of closure. Braaksma refers back to his French-lit class to tie the conclusion to the introduction, where he starts the essay talking about writing an essay for his French-lit class....
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