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Process Analysis (directional) “Preparing for the Job Interview: Know Thyself” 1. What process is explained in this essay? What is Piotrowski’s main purpose? This essay explains the process for preparing for a job interview. The main purpose is to inform the reader on how to do well in a job interview. 2. Although Piotrowski describes her conversation with Shawn, why may this article be considered a directional process essay for its reader? “Preparing for the Job Interview: Know Thyself” by Katy Piotrowski is a directional process essay because it tells the reader how to do something. It gives directions on how to prepare for a
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Unformatted text preview: job interview. 4. Piotrowski uses an actual job applicant, Shawn, to show how the interview preparation process works. What benefits for the reader does this choice of organization present? By Piotrowski using a living example, a another human being going through the process the reader can place themselves in the shoes of the person, Shawn. In addition it is easier for the reader to visualize the steps of the interview preparation process....
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