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Example - things even if they are bad at them but it’s...

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Example/Illustration “So What’s So Bad about Being So-So?” 1. Why does Strick being her essay with the comment from her son and the list of activities she does badly? Strick starts off with the list of things she does badly to prove that she is honest to her readers. She’s trying to gain the readers’ trust so they will listen to what she has to say. The comment from her son draws the readers in by making them wonder about the disrespect the child has for his mother. 2. What is Strick’s thesis? Is it specifically stated or clearly implied? The thesis in this essay is an implied thesis. She doesn’t come out and say people need to try new
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Unformatted text preview: things even if they are bad at them, but it’s the underlying messages in the essay. 7. What solution to the problem does Strick offer? How does she clarify her suggestion? Strick says in order to fix the problem each person should take up something new, and don’t work forever on it trying to become perfect at it. She says that we need to allow room to just be bad at something that we enjoy. She tells us how she’s going to do it by picking up tennis, which tells us that she isn’t full of crap....
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