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Division/Classification (classification) “The Plot against People” 1. What is Baker’s purpose in writing this classification? What reaction do you think Baker wants to evoke from his reading audience? I think that Baker is trying to bring awareness to his reading audience that the reason these inanimate objects don’t work, break down or get lost is because we don’t take care of them. I think that by writing this essay he is trying to make his audience laugh because it is very funny. 2. Where is Baker’s thesis statement? Would his essay be more effective if his thesis were preceded by a fully developed lead-in? Why or why not? Baker’s thesis statement is the very first sentence. Putting the thesis right out there was a bold
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Unformatted text preview: move, but I don’t think that it would’ve better if it had a lead-in. I think that the thesis grabs the reader’s attention instantly and makes them want to read on, anything more would’ve distracted the reader. 3. Identify Baker’s categories and principle of classification. What do these categories have in common? Baker takes inanimate objects and separates them into three categories, those that don’t work, those that break down, and those that get lost. All of these categories involve inanimate objects that aren’t constantly helpful to humans....
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