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Division/Classification (division) “A Brush with Reality: Surprises in the Tube” 1. How does this essay illustrate division rather than classification? This essay takes a complete item, toothpaste, and splits it up into all the components. By dividing instead of grouping together the essay illustrates division instead of classification. 2. In additional to providing factual information, what is Bodanis’s purpose in writing this essay? What response to his subject matter is he trying to produce in his reader? I believe that Bodanis’s is trying to open the readers’ eyes to what they are putting into their
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Unformatted text preview: mouths. I think he might be trying to tell us to try new things because we are without really knowing it. I think Bodanis is trying to get a eww response from the readers followed by a realization that that stuff has already been in our mouths why not try new thing, we just might like them. 3. How does Bodanis organize the parts of his division? In each paragraph, Bodanis brings in a new element that is in toothpaste into play. By organizing it this way it is very easy for the reader to follow along and keep track of what is in toothpaste....
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