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Description “Still Learning from My Mother” 2. Why was his mother’s behavior unusual in the 1950’s? What does “before Title IX” mean? Normally in the 1950’s dad’s threw ball with their sons, but Schneider’s mom sometimes threw ball with him in the evenings. She was in to sports in college and lettered in field hockey and basketball. “Before Title IX” refers to the law in 1972 that said that sports had to be equal opportunities for men and women. 6. What does his mother’s “perennial battle cry” at age 79 reveal about her? Why does Schneider think Vince Lombardi –the football coach who holds the record for the most
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Unformatted text preview: NFL wins-would be proud of her? His mother is a persistent woman, and wouldnt give up. She also sets goals that she knows she can reach and works hard to reach them. Vince Lombardi would be proud of her because she never gave up on her dream of making a 200 in bowling. 9.What has Schneider learned from his mother? In what way is the lesson an important part of this essays purpose? Schneider learned that you are never too old to dream or make new dreams. The lesson sums up the essay and relates to the reader. It leaves the reader with a thought that they need to dream and reach the dreams they thought they were too old to do....
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