REAL - 1 Professor Carter Com 101-46 1 November 2007 What...

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1 Professor Carter Com 101-46 1 November 2007 What Do You Fear? Most people are afraid of something, whether it is spiders or being alone. Most people have experienced fear first hand. Fear is a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or contact of danger. The English word fear comes from the Old English word fær, ̄ which means danger, disaster, and sudden calamity. Fear starts in the brain with a reaction to a stressful situation, such as seeing a spider, having a knife at your throat, or speaking in front of a group of people. In response the brain releases chemicals that make the heart race, the breath quicken, and ready the muscles for what may come next. People fear because of a reaction in the brain in threatening situations. Fear is completely subconscious. There are two responses to fear, one is instant while the other is well thought out. These two responses are referred to as the low road and the high road. The low road is when the brain decides instantly what to do in the situation. These decisions are hurried and often very messy. The high road is more complex than the low road. It takes a little more time to think things through, and delivers a more precise interpretation of the events. Both processes happen at the same time. As the instant process is happening, the more thought out one is forming questions concerning the current situation. Late at night, a sound is heard at the front door. The low road automatically assumes danger, a burglar made the sound trying to enter the building. While the high road takes a thought provoking route about the options is it a burglar or just the wind.
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REAL - 1 Professor Carter Com 101-46 1 November 2007 What...

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