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Homework Assignment – Argumentation In Steps, read page 277 through 299. Also, read the following: “A Scientist: ‘I Am the Enemy’” by Ron Kline on page 627 “Rethinking the Voting Age” by Ellen Goodman on page 629 “Judging by the Cover” by Bonny Gainley on page 630 Assignment: Choosing a Topic for the Final Paper Choose TWO topics for the final paper. 1. Choose two topics (or issues) that are controversial or debatable; each issue must be “two-sided.” 2. The two topics should be of interest to you. It is easier to write about issues that interest you. 3. Do preliminary research to find out about the topics. Ask yourself, “Is this really what I want to write about?” Do this research by skimming articles, websites, etc. pertaining to these topics or issues. 4. Once you have chosen your topics, answer these questions and be prepared to discuss them in class: A. What are the two sides of this issue? B. Which side of the issue do I favor and why ? Study Questions for FRE Quiz Cultural Diversity Much of Part One of Julia Alvarez’s book Something to Declare is devoted to the idea of cultural diversity. Coming from the Dominican Republic with its political and social differences, Alvarez quickly learned that in order to assimilate the culture of the U.S. that she must adapt to the accepted standards of its citizenship.
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The movie, Babel, also focuses on the idea of cultural diversity. Though this movie is devoted to tragedy associated with diverse cultural differences, it, nevertheless, depicts the necessity of adaptation between ideas of one culture and another. Possible correlations between the movie
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Nov fiveteen - Homework Assignment Argumentation In Steps...

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