Review Quiz 3

Review Quiz 3 - Covert Action o Foreign policy requirement...

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Covert Action o Foreign policy requirement developed which cannot be met by any other means o Internal CIA discussions: is covert action a realistic option? o CIA draft paper to NSC for discussion/modification o CIA final paper to NSC for review/approval o Presidential approval (Presidential finding) o Congressional Memorandum of Notification (mandatory) o CIA internal ops plan: covers budget and resources; who does/knows what; benchmarks; reporting requirements; vetting requirements o Ending a covert action program: infrastructure securely wrapped up and Congress advised o Covert Action Issues If propaganda: blowback into US. If political action: how far do you go? If economic action: must be completely local impact If paramilitary: human rights issues and possible lethal consequences Covert Action IS implementation of USG policy Intelligence Community Reform o New technological challenges o NSA, NRO, NGA, IT, biometrics o Specific failures or improprieties o 1941/ Pearl Harbor; 1974-5: Church/Pike committee; 1986-7: Tower Commission; 2004/9/11 failures o New threats o 1947: National Security Act/Cold War; 1961: DIA/combat support against evolving target; 1995-96: Aspen/Brown Commission/peace dividend; 1996: economic espionage; 2004/terrorism Intelligence Community o Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Principal intelligence advisor to President, NSC and DHS, does estimates Coordinates intelligence activities of 16 agencies below: o Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): 1947 Global FI Owns CA and National Clandestine Service (HUMINT) o Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA): 1961 Foreign military intelligence, combat support, HUMINT division, MASINT with NGA, underground facilities, defense attaches, medical intelligence center (epidemics and humanitarian support) o Department of Energy (DoE) Began Manhattan Project 1942 Nuclear specialists, nuclear protection
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Review Quiz 3 - Covert Action o Foreign policy requirement...

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